Fall 2020 Recruitment Information


Why Join?

"Starting at university in a new country was quite the challenge, but joining my sorority has made Winnipeg feel like home! I'm so grateful for the support of my sisters!"

- Sage

What to Expect

This year's recruitment process will take place over the Zoom platform. This gives us the ability to include the potential new members who are not currently residing in Winnipeg. This also allows us to maintain the social distancing guidelines put in place by the University of Manitoba.

If you have any conflicts with the recruitment dates please contact us in advance so that we can further advise you on  next steps.

For any other questions you have, please follow the link found to the right for our recruitment guidebook.

Recruitment Dates

Recruitment Kickoff:

September 16, 17

Event Days:

September 22, 23‬, 24

Invitational Events:

September 26


Click here to access our Recruitment Guidebook PDF