For Parents

 Manitoba sororities have welcomed over 10,000 women into sisterhoods that focus on scholarship, leadership, and service.

Joining a sorority opens the door for young women to have a rewarding university experience, and develop lifelong friendships with other bright, motivated, and empowered women.

You may be wondering...

What are the financial commitments of joining a sorority?

Each sorority has dues required for their membership, but the recruitment process is free! At University of Manitoba, some sororities are “all inclusive” where all activities for the school year are included, and others have additional fees. During recruitment, each sorority will break down their fees. Some members are supported by their families, but many work part time in order to pay by themselves! Don’t let costs deter you from joining a sorority! Most sororities offer payment plans, which can be divided in monthly or bi-annual instalments.

What is a sorority?

A sorority is a group of like-minded, passionate, driven young women. Sororities offer sisterhood, academic support, leadership positions, and volunteer opportunities. Sorority women share values and experiences that help to form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

What will my daughter gain from joining a sorority?

The biggest thing that is gained by joining a sorority is a group of like-minded peers to provide support and encouragement not only through their university career, but for life! She will be provided with countless opportunities for personal growth through getting involved in her university experience.

Is housing available?

Unfortunately, none of the sororities on campus have housing available, but it is not uncommon for sorority sisters to live together in off campus housing! Sisters are also a great resource for helping to look for housing because many have been through it before!

Do you haze?

NO, we don't. Sororities at University of Manitoba are part of the National Panhellenic Conference which stands against any form of hazing. To learn more click here!

How will my daughter's academics be affected if she joins a sorority?

As university students we understand that grades are one of the most important things in our lives, which is why each chapter requires members to maintain a minimum GPA. The chapters offer support for academic success in many ways including study hours, academic resources, and often a sister who will be able to mentor and guide them. Many sorority women find that their GPA increases after joining a sorority.

How can my daughter join?

Your daughter can sign up for recruitment here!