Alpha Delta Pi

"We live for each other"


- May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia.

- Established in Manitoba in 1930.


Woodland Violet


Azure & White


Ronald McDonald House Charities




Alpha Delta Pi Spaghetti Dinner


Letter from the President

I joined Alpha Delta Pi in my second year of university. I struggled to make new friends who shared my interests and values. I saw that ADPi would give me the same sense of community and purpose that I was looking for. In high school, I was very active in volunteering and other student groups and I am thankful I found a way to continue with it in university. Even if you weren’t active in groups in high school, you can still find your home in Greek life. I have sisters, both within my sorority & panhellenically, that come from all cultures, walks of life, backgrounds, and faculties/departments. This has helped me so much to open my mind to the world of possibilities. ADPi has given me the chance to travel, learn leadership skills, aid in my personal growth, and create life-long friends with women who truly get me. These women are there for me throughout the important moments of my life, as well as the everyday mundane study sessions we have! It truly is a community of support and acceptance. I am forever thankful for my sisters and everything my sorority has gifted to me.


Morgan Van Deynze