Alpha Gamma Delta

"Loving. leading. Lasting."


- May 30, 1904, at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York

- Established in Manitoba in 1930


Red and Buff Roses with Green

Asparagus Plumosa Fern


    Red, buff, and green


Fighting Hunger




Alpha Gamma Delta Tea Party


Letter from the President

I decided to go attend recruitment events after a year on a campus that felt so big and impersonal. As soon as I met the girls from Alpha Gam, I knew these were my people! I had found my home on campus. The sisterhood and charity events allowed me to do fun things with the same girls regularly, and before I knew it, they had become my best friends. 

One of the things that attracted me to a sorority when I was looking at student groups to join is the fact that Alpha Gam offers the opportunity to do so many different things within the one group! From academic incentives, scholarships, and occasions to serve our community, to gaining high-quality leadership experience and mentorship. I love the trips we’ve taken all over the U.S. to represent our chapter, and best of all, these wonderful university friendships that will be part of my life long after graduation.

Our diverse chapter is full of unique students from every faculty on campus who are proud of our empowering history since 1904. We get to make those genuine bonds that bring us close together and make us a campus family. It is truly wonderful to be doing meaningful things with my favourite people.

Nathalie Kaboha